Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit5009
Author(s): Hörweg C
Year: 2015
Title: Die Vierfleck-Zartspinne, Anyphaena accentuata (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), Europäische Spinne des Jahres 2015
Title translated: The buzzing spider, Anyphaena accentuata (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), European spider of the year 2015
Issue: Heft 50
Pages: 61-64
Abstract: The European spider of the year 2015, Anyphaena accentuata (Walckenaer, 1802), is presented. For the first time it is a representative of the anyphaenid sac spiders. Its characteristics (e.g., ecology, habitat, phenology) are briefly described. The modality of the voting is given as well as numerous links to the supporting societies and to distribution maps.
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Keywords: anyphaenid sac spiders, popular

Arachnologische Gesellschaft - Arachnologische Mitteilungen - 10.5431/aramit5009 - 25.7.2017