Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit4411
Author(s): Bauer, T. & A. Grabolle
Year: 2012
Title: Erstnachweise von Paratrachelas maculatus in Österreich und Deutschland (Araneae, Corinnidae)
Title translated: First records of Paratrachelas maculatus in Austria and Germany (Araneae, Corinnidae)
Issue: Heft 44
Pages: 77-80
Abstract: Three adult females of Paratrachelas maculatus (Thorell, 1875) were found inside a house in the south of Vienna, in a cellar in Cologne and in a house in Rüsselsheim. Additional notes on diet in captivity are presented.
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Keywords: araneophagy, spider

Arachnologische Gesellschaft - Arachnologische Mitteilungen - 10.5431/aramit4411 - 23.6.2017