Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit4402
Author(s): Elverici, M., İ. Tekşam, R.S. Özkütük & K.B. Kunt
Year: 2012
Title: Cyrtophora citricola (Araneae: Araneidae: Cyrtophorinae), a first record for Turkey
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Issue: Heft 44
Pages: 7-9
Abstract: We recorded the tent-web spider Cyrtophora citricola (Forsskål, 1775) (Araneidae: Cyrtophorinae) from Turkey for the first time at two sites. Body measurements and a brief description of the female are presented, as well as information on the sites (olive and orange orchards, shrubs) and the accompanying spider fauna.
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Keywords: Mediterranean, orb-weaver, spider, tent-web

Arachnologische Gesellschaft - Arachnologische Mitteilungen - 10.5431/aramit4402 - 25.7.2017