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DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit4306
Author(s): Bosmans, R. & J. Van Keer
Year: 2012
Title: On the spider species described by L. Koch in 1882 from the Balearic Islands (Araneae)
Title translated:
Issue: Heft 43
Pages: 5-16
Abstract: Examination of the L. Koch collection of the Zoological Museum in Berlin allows us to propose the following new synonyms and combinations: Erigone marina L. Koch, 1882 = Oedothorax fuscus (Blackwall, 1834) n. syn.; Theridion elimatum L. Koch, 1882 = Enoplognatha diversa (Blackwall, 1859) n. syn.; Liocranum variabilis Wunderlich, 2008 = Zora inornata L. Koch, 1882 n. syn. = Liocranum inornatum n. comb.; Lycosa perspicax L. Koch, 1882 = Arctosa fulvolineata (Lucas, 1846) n. syn.; Alopecosella Roewer, 1960 = Arctosa C. L. Koch, 1847 n. syn.; Lycosa subhirsuta L. Koch, 1882 = Arctosa lacustris (Simon, 1876) n. syn.; Philodromus vegetus L. Koch, 1882 = Thanatus vulgaris Simon, 1870 n. syn.; Ozyptila bicuspis Simon, 1932 = Ozyptila furcula L. Koch, 1882 n. syn.; Haplodrassus maroccanus Denis, 1956 = Drassus parvulus L. Koch, 1882 n. syn. = Haplodrassus parvicorpus (Roewer, 1951) n. comb. (replacement name); Zelotes ruscinensis Simon, 1914 = Zelotes semirufa (L. Koch, 1882) n. syn.; Phlegra simoni L. Koch, 1882 = Phlegra bresnieri Lucas, 1846 n. syn.; Trochosula conspersa (L. Koch, 1882), Lycorma fraisnei (L. Koch, 1882), Lycorma insulana (L. Koch, 1882), Arctosa misella (L. Koch, 1882) and Pirata simplex (L. Koch, 1882) are all retransferred to their original genus Lycosa stat. rev. Cheiracanthium occidentale L. Koch, 1882, Ozyptila furcula L. Koch, 1882 and Zelotes callidus (Simon, 1878) are redescribed.
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Keywords: Balearic Islands, L. Koch, redescriptions, spiders, synonymies

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