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DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit4105
Author(s): Raspotnig, G., J. Gruber, C. Komposch, R. Schuster, P. Föttinger, J. Schwab & I. Karaman
Year: 2011
Title: Wie viele Arten von Milbenkankern (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) gibt es in Österreich?
Title translated: How many species of mite-harvestmen (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) are there in Austria?
Issue: Heft 41
Pages: 34-38
Abstract: For the last 60 years, the mite-harvestman Cyphophthalmus duricorius Joseph, 1868, a soil-dwelling sironid, has been considered to be the only representative of the opilionid suborder Cyphophthalmi in Austria. However, novel data from recent collections confirm the presence of at least two further Austrian cyphophthalmid species. (1) Siro cf. crassus Novak & Giribet, 2006 occurs in at least one location in SW Styria near the Slovenian border and hence represents a member of a second genus of Austrian sironids. (2) A further morphologically distinct sironid (“Sironidae gen. et sp. nov.?”) – so far undescribed and systematically not placed in detail – was collected in the borderland between Styria and Carinthia. All three species can be found in a small area of a few square-kilometers; although no syntopic occurrence was recorded.
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Keywords: cryptic diversity, Cyphophthalmus, harvestmen, Siro, Sironidae

Arachnologische Gesellschaft - Arachnologische Mitteilungen - 10.5431/aramit4105 - 28.6.2017