Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit3705
Author(s): Kronestedt, T.
Year: 2009
Title: Taxonomic notes on Agroeca (Araneae, Liocranidae)
Title translated:
Issue: Heft 37
Pages: 27-30
Abstract: Agroeca gaunitzi Tullgren, 1952 is stated here to be a junior synonym of A. proxima (O. P.-Cambridge, 1871). The illustrations of the male palp attributed to A. proxima in papers by Tullgren of 1946 and 1952 in fact show A. inopina O. P.-Cambridge, 1886. The record of A. inopina from Finland, quite outside its known distribution range, was based on a misidentification. It is argued that the type species of the genus Agroeca Westring, 1861 should be A. proxima (O. P.-Cambridge, 1871), not A. brunnea (Blackwall, 1833) as currently applied. Protagroeca Lohmander, 1944 is placed as an objective synonym of Agroeca Westring, 1861.
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Keywords: Agroeca gaunitzi, synonyms, type species

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