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DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit3102
Author(s): Gack, C. & A. Kobel-Lamparski
Year: 2006
Title: Zum Vorkommen von Atypus affinis und Atypus piceus (Araneae: Atypidae) auf einer Sukzessionsfläche im flurbereinigten Rebgelände des Kaiserstuhls.
Title translated: The distribution of syntopic Atypus affinis and Atypus piceus (Araneae: Atypidae) in a succession area of vine-yard slopes in the Kaiserstuhl (south-western Germany).
Issue: Heft 31
Pages: 8-15
Abstract: The orthognath spiders Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830 and A. piceus (Sulzer, 1776) are morphologically and biologically similar. One of the few sites where both species live syntopically is located in the Kaiserstuhl Mountains in south-west Germany. This has been shown in a continuous 22 year long-term study of the recolonisation of vineyard slopes after large-scale land consolidation. The males of both species differ in size and the annual timing of their surface activity. The recolonisation history of A. affinis and A. piceus was recorded. As typical K-strategists, their population sizes have increased slowly. Today they are still growing. Atypus species can be used as models regarding problems of nature conservation, since they are particularly endangered by large-scale and catastrophic habitat changes as a result of their long generation time. In the Kaiserstuhl such catastrophic events could include fire management, which has recently been permitted again for the preservation of the slopes."
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Keywords: fire management, land consolidation, recolonisation, succession, syntopy, temporal isolation

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