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DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit1801
Author(s): Gack, C., A. Kobel-Lamparski & F. Lamparski
Year: 1999
Title: Spinnenzönosen als Indikatoren von Entwicklungsschritten in einer Bergbaufolgelandschaft.
Title translated: Spider communities as indicators of the development (succession) of afforested coal mining sites
Issue: Heft 18
Pages: 1-16
Abstract: On the basis of a space-for-time-substitution the succession of the spider coenosis of a Lusatian lignite mining area (pine afforestation) was investigated. Spiders were chosen because of their high abundance in both species and individuals and as representatives of a high tropic level. By comparing pine afforestations of different ages which additionally are located far away from each other we could detect a typical succession pattern in the spider coenosis. The pioneer Oedothorax apicatus (Linyphiidae) is characteristic of the initial state. Ten years after afforestation this species has disappeared and the locality shows a mixed population of spiders including species which prefer open habitats as well as species occurring in forests. After 30 years the typical species community of open, dry pine forests has established.
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Keywords: spider communities, succession, rehabilitation, coal mining, cluster analysis, afforestation

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