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DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit1602
Author(s): Schulz, U. & T. Schmidt
Year: 1998
Title: Boden- und baumstammbewohnende Linyphiidae des Hienheimer Forstes (Bayern) (Arachnida: Araneae).
Title translated: Soil- and trunk-inhabiting linyphiids of the Hienheimer Forst (Bavaria, Germany)
Issue: Heft 16
Pages: 8-20
Abstract: This paper presents some results of a forest ecology research project by the University of Munich’s faculty of Forestry, involving the comparison of forests designed to reflect varying degrees of naturalness. Spiders on the ground and on trunks in four different forests in the Hienheimer Forst were caught with 24 ground photo eclectors, 8 arboreal eclectors and with 40 pitfall traps. Habitat requirements were measured and analysed with particular attention to forest soil. Abiotic parameters and the structure of the litter layer were recorded. The most frequent spiders were the Linyphiidae, Agelenidae and Amaurobidae.63 species of the family Linyphiidae were caught. One half of the Linyphiidae-species could be found on trunks of oak and spruce (eclector fauna). In terms of the number of spider species and in the portion of rare and endangered species there were almost no differences between commercial forest areas and conservation areas. The differences are not as great as the original classification according to closeness to the natural state had led us to expect.
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Keywords: spiders, linyphiidae, different trap-systems, soil, stem, nature forest reserves, managed forest, habitat requirements

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