Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit1601
Author(s): RuĹžicka, V. & M. Holec
Year: 1998
Title: New records of spiders from pond littorals in the Czech Republic.
Title translated:
Issue: Heft 16
Pages: 1- 7
Abstract: Tmeticus affinis (Blackwall, 1855), Tetragnatha shoshone Levi, 1981, Clubiona juvenis Simon, 1878, Marpissa Canestrinii Ninni, 1868, and Theridiosoma gemmosum (L. Koch, 1877) are new records for the Czech Republic. New data about Enoplognatha caricis (FICKERT, 1876), Theridion hemerobium SIMON, 1914, Rugathodes instabilis (O. P. CAMBRIDGE, 1871), Tetragnatha striata L. KOCH, 1862, and Dolomedes plantarius (CLERCK, 1757) are given. The validity of the name Enoplognatha caricis (FICKERT, 1876) is supported.
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Keywords: Araneae

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