Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit1404
Author(s): Gutberlet, V.
Year: 1997
Title: Untersuchungen zur Spinnenz√∂nose (Araneae) der Stamm- und Kronenregion von Eichen unterschiedlich genutzter Waldstandorte unter Verwendung des √Ėkotypensystems nach Platen.
Title translated: Studies on the spider coenosis (Araneae) of the trunk and canopy region of oaks in differently managed forest areas with reference to the Platen ecotype system.
Issue: Heft 14
Pages: 16-27
Abstract: In 1995 the spider coenosis of two differently managed forest areas with Querco-Carpinetum communities were investigated near Bonn. In order to collect the canopy and trunk fauna two trunk-photo-eclectors and six bough-photo-eclectors were used in each study site. According to the PLATEN ecotype sysem, 16 different ecotypes of spiders were found. The highest abundances of both species and individuals were recorded for excusively arboricolous and for bark inhabiting spiders. Against the expectations a high number of non-arboricolous species and many xerophilous woodland inhabiting spiders were found. According to the PLATEN ecotype system, the latter are actually typical for mixed pine forests. The PLATEN ecotype system showed clear differences between the strata, but not between the study areas.
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Keywords: Araneae, Quercus robur, trunk fauna, canopy fauna, eclectors, forest management, ecotypes

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