Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit1201
Author(s): Platen, R.
Year: 1996
Title: Spinnengemeinschaften mitteleuropäischer Kulturbiotope.
Title translated: Spider communities of arable land in central Europe
Issue: Heft 12
Pages: 1-45
Abstract: This paper contains an analysis of the secies composition and dominance structure of the spider fauna of 13 different arable land sites in Berlin. Investigations were performed by pitfall trapping from April to December 1981. Species composition was extremely uniform despite different microclimatic conditions (soil humidity, light and temperature) and crop types. Only slight differences were found in the composition of abundant species. A multivariate analysis of species, together with microclimatic data, revealed that the measured abiotic factors do not explain the distribution of the species. Nearly all dominant spiders belong to eurytopic species of open habitat t ypes. Spider community descriptions were enhanced by evaluation of references concerning the spider fauna of arable land in central Europe. The composition of abundant species was nearly the same throughout the area. This applies to all different arable sites and furthermore to sites which are related to them ecologically (abandoned grassland, field margins, meadows and pastures). A way which spiders may colonize arable land is discussed critically.
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Keywords: Spiders, spider communities, arable land, zoogeography, colonization strategies

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