Arachnologische Mitteilungen

DOI Code: 10.5431/aramit0902
Author(s): Jäger, P.
Year: 1995
Title: Spinnenaufsammlungen aus Ostösterreich mit vier Erstnachweisen für Österreich.
Title translated: Spider collections from Eastern Austria with four first records for Austria
Issue: Heft 9
Pages: 12-25
Abstract: 95 species of spiders are reported, which were collected by hand and sweep-net during an excursion to Lower Austria and Burgenland in June 1993. New for Austria are: Larinia bonneti SPASSKY, 1939, Philodromus buddenbrocki BRAUN, 1965, Philodromus pulchellus LUCAS, 1946 and Tmarus stellio SIMON, 1875. Taxonomic characters of the last three species are documented.
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Keywords: Araneae, faunistics, taxonomy, Austria, first records

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